Management and Technology

Gestion et technologies


Upon entry into Dr. Cassar’s office, you will quickly observe that technology plays an important role in the daily routine. In fact, your first contact with this technology will be to register yourself using a computer provided for you in the reception area. This will signal to everyone that you have arrived and allow us to prepare your place as soon as possible.

In order to be competent as well as environmentally responsible, we have adopted an almost fully automated system of dossier and appointments management which minimizes your wait time while maximizing our internal efficiency. Proud to have participated in the design of this powerful tool, Dr. Cassar, along with many Quebec orthodontists, uses Orthotek, the software which was developed here.

Gestion et technologies


Our clinic offers several treatment rooms. One is an open space and sits up to 4 patients and others are private rooms for those who prefer a more intimate environment.

Gestion et technologies


While the well-being and safety of our customers is a priority for us, our sterilization standards are strict, accurate and consistent with the recommendations of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.

We are also part of the microbiological monitoring program for sterilizers offered by the Mont-Royal Medical Laboratory and our sterilizers are tested on a weekly basis and consistent with the recommendations of the Canadian Association of Orthodontists and the "Ordre des dentistes du Québec".

Gestion et technologies


Our laboratory is equipped with the most up to date and sophisticated equipment allowing our lab technician to fabricate orthodontic appliances according to our precise specifications. Our full time technician is trained by Dr. Cassar himself and we are proud to announce that he has been with us for over 28 years.

Gestion et technologies


From digital radiography to digital imaging, we use the latest generation of equipment to offer you the best technology has to offer.

Digital radiography allows us to reduce patient exposure to x-rays by almost 50%. Your child’s safety is our utmost concern. We are the first orthodontic clinic in Sherbrooke to adopt this technology in order to optimize our diagnosis and our treatment plans.

In fact, we have been using this technology 5 years before any other orthodontist in Sherbrooke. This is evidence that Dr. Cassar will never hesitate in providing the best care at any cost.

Gestion et technologies


We proudly use the Dolphin Imaging Software to enhance our diagnostic tools. The company currently supports thousands of specialty practices worldwide. Presently, hundreds of dental schools and specialty departments such as orthodontics, maxillofacial surgery, pediatric dentistry and radiology are utilizing Dolphin Imaging & Management Solutions software on a daily basis.

Additionally, it allows us to share the images electronically with your general dentist and other specialists without loss of time or image quality in duplication or transfer. The highly specialized, Dolphin software allows us to analyze diagnostic x-rays and photographs for our team to be able to plan appropriate treatment. To simulate the growth of a young patient and facial changes during orthodontic treatment or during surgery of the jaws, the software demonstrates to the patients, the results of certain procedures before they are carried out.

Once again, we are the first orthodontic clinic using this technology in Sherbrooke.