Our Smiles

Orthodontic treatment can truly transform smiles and people’s lives. We treat essentially all our cases without removing permanent teeth. We find it dramatically increases the esthetics and function and patient satisfaction at the end of treatment.

A beautiful healthy smile translates into happiness and invites communication!

When jaws are developed enough to accommodate all of the permanent teeth, a person’s smile is enhanced. It becomes wider and more noticeable…often, far more flattering to a person’s face. Many of our patients tell us they feel their smile has now become their best feature!



An attractive natural smile is a major asset that is also a sign of good health and well-being.

A beautiful smile is a subtle combination of the follwing : teeth, gums and lips well proportioned in relation to the face. It reflects health and sends a positive image. A major asset for life!

Because each patient is unique and therefore deserves a unique smile, Dr Cassar establishes a personalized treatment plan. This is when the finesse of the orthodontist comes into play.

The following cases have been treated utilizing Dr Cassar’s two phase treatment and did not have to resort to surgery :



In some cases, orthodontics alone is not sufficient enough and we might choose to consider a surgery. The following cases were treated with orthodontics and a surgery in order to achieve the ultimate esthetic result :